Meas / Respect

Cumman Peile Cill na Martra take the whole area of respect and expected/acceptable behaviour(s) within the club very seriously. In light of events that occurred during the 2012 season, the Club created a sub-committee to look at the issue on our behalf.

The sub-committee reviewed all the available literature and guidelines provided by the GAA, as our parent organisation, and also at the existing Child Protection policies of Cumann Peile Cill na Martra, before reporting back to the Senior Club Chairman and Juvenile Club Chairman.

The sub committee reported back with recommendations that the club rolls out a program of awareness amongst club members of the whole subject of RESPECT. The club fully accepted the sub committee’s findings and agreed to implement their recommendations. This concluded the business of the sub-committee and therefore it was dissolved.

The club subsequently took on the the following tasks:

  1. The club provided leaflets to its members at the start of the year explaining the renewed effort the club is making, with regard to Behaviour and Respect.
  2. The club communicated information on the subject to the club membership via leaflets, word of mouth, via the club website and facebook page.
  3. The club high-lighted where further information can be accessed.
  4. The club has progressed through 2013 with a positive and pro-active approach to the subject. This has been re-enforced by all club officers and post holders through the year.
  5. The club has made its members aware of what is expected of them and what is an acceptable standard of behaviour.
  6. The club has provided information on these issues and re-affirmed the clubs policy on the matter.

We are fully aware that changes in attitudes do not happen overnight and there will be members of the club that will find the process of change more difficult than others.

However by working together we can change the attitudes surrounding our games for the benefit of all – players, coaches, supporters, visiting teams and officials.

Useful Documents

Our Game-Our Code, The Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport. This document covers in detail the subjects that were of concern to club members at the AGM. Section 3 in particular addresses the main topics of debate.(Note: The Child Protection and Welfare Statement also). The Code outlines the minimum appropriate levels of behaviour, practice and conduct required from our young players, coaches, supporters, parents/guardians, referees and clubs.

The Bainistiocht section of this web-site clearly and concisely outlines the clubs Child Protection Policy, areas of Good Practice and Codes of Behaviour.

The Give Respect-Get Respect user guide/leaflet is a valuable resource in the introduction and implementation of the initiative. It is an easy to read and short document that should be read by all our club members.